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Huddol Lifecast Ep 21 – Wrestling with addiction: Making the daily choice to change what’s not working

Overcoming Addiction

Those who look at addicts from the outside may believe that the choice to do or not do something that is hurting you or others is as simple as flipping a switch – it’s an exercise of will or discipline or effort. But is it really that easy to become unhooked from a life altering addiction?

In this latest Huddol Lifecast, we talk with single mom, recovering addict, and mentor Katrina Van Zyl about what the process of overcoming addiction really looks like from an insider’s perspective. Katrina spent decades wrestling with her addiction while desperately trying to free herself from a place of hopelessness and despair.

This is a very vivid and no holds barred conversation about the lifelong journey we take to look honestly at ourselves, even when the person looking back is in their darkest form.

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