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Why We’re Doing Nothing About Coronavirus: A word from Huddol’s CEO

Lemons into lemonade

Everyone is telling you about what they’re doing to “fight back” against the Coronavirus pandemic.

We wanted to take this moment to tell you what we’re NOT doing right now.

We’re not panicking – As an organization we are not going to do anything that will contribute to creating more angst or anxiety during an already stressful period. That means we’re not going to share endless links about the state of Coronavirus affairs and we’re not going to sit idle and allow for the dissemination of misinformation in our community. This is not a time for conspiracy theories and exaggeration. We encourage you to limit your exposure to constant feeds of news about the virus. There is such a thing as too much information causing stress overload. Also, when you do decide to consciously check in, please go to reliable sources for news and updates.

We’re not going to prey on your fear – We created Huddol to be a place for personal growth and meaningful social connection. Nothing has changed in our core mission. We’re not about to start creating communities around Coronavirus or exploit our members concerns in anyway. Huddol remains a place to share your thoughts and feelings openly, and to be supported. If you’re feeling afraid or concerned or stressed, we’re here for you. If you want to lend a compassionate ear or helpful guidance, you can be there for others on Huddol. Let’s give each other permission to simply feel during this time. Quiet is an opportunity to listen intently to each other.  

We’re not taking any of this lying down – We have the privilege of supporting our community online. That means we have an opportunity to be an anchor during this time of reduced physical contact. Our team is hard at work developing new ways to support our members. In a matter of weeks we will be launching online coaching and counseling through our new video support service. We are also planning ways to make this resource as accessible to our members as possible, being mindful that stress and anxiety levels are peaked for many, and people may be lacking social connection right now. We’re working hard to bring this service to our members caringly and quickly.

Times of turbulence call on us to be thoughtful. That is one among many of the intentional choices we can make during a time that doesn’t totally make sense to any of us. Sometimes choosing to do nothing is the best way to clear the clutter and do the best thing.

Mark Stolow, Huddol CEO