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Huddol Lifecast Ep 18 – Unshaming the vulnerability in men

Paul Simard

Expanding views on gender, shifting mindsets around healthy dynamics between men and women, a growing awareness of mental health in the workplace, and more exposure of the indecency of the chauvinistic man, are among some of the social phenomenon that are giving rise to a new generation of male leaders who are expanding our ideas around what it means to be a “man”. These changemakers are courageously pulling back the drawstrings of our man-hoods. More importantly, they are giving other men the permission to deepen their ideas of what it means to be masculine and in the world.

In this latest Huddol Lifecast, we talk with Founder of HuMENity Paul Simard about how we can create more spaces for men to experience a fuller range of their emotional lives at work, at play and in their families.

“If there was not vulnerability, there would be no courage. When you are deciding to be vulnerable, it requires a level of courage, especially for men, because it has commonly been viewed as a sign of weakness.”

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