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A True Story About a True Friend


I met Andrew Hamilton by chance. I posted online looking for a digital designer. I found a friend and co-founder.

Andrew is one of those unsung, don’t need attention kind of people. He’s also madly talented. The kind of talent you dream about, and, if you’re lucky, you find.

Behind Huddol there’s a mountain of code. I mean a mountain. That may not mean much to those reading this but let me analogize a little what Andrew manages day to day on Huddol for the less code-minded among us (I count myself in that group).

Imagine a huge monstrous ship, with a complex engine room, and tons of moving parts. Now put a solitary captain at the helm of that ship. Now watch him as he addresses every need of every passenger, keeps the hallways clean and tidy, keeps the boat on the straight and narrow, hustles between the helm and the engine room more times in a day then you want to count, while also balancing all of that against a Huddol culture of constant betterment and exploring ways to continually support our members. No one at Huddol rests on their laurels. We spend every week thinking what is now and what is next for our community.

All of that is Andrew on Huddol.

Brilliant designer. Brilliant technical mind. Aspiring father to 2 kids. Husband to a loving partner.

No glory seeking. No desire for any glory. One of those unsung heroes of our community. If you could see the world through his eyes, you would be totally captivated and enamored by the sheer force of his talent and determination.

I may be at the forefront of our community, but Andrew is the one holding it together one line of code at a time. He manages to do lists that would make a grown person cry.

When people ask us to create new things on Huddol or make it more like this or more like that, I quietly smile; one, because I’m deeply appreciative of their commitment to our growth, and two because I imagine Andrew in his boat captain suit coming back from the engine room with a streak of grease on his face, and I think to myself how much more can this guy take? The answer: A lot. That is the testament to his strength of character and commitment to make Huddol an amazing place for human growth and transformation.

Now, more than ever, I count myself lucky to know him. I invite you to do the same.

Written by
Mark Stolow