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The secret to having more energy


On any given day it’s what most of us eventually run out of, wish we had more of, or just wished we had in the first place. That thing is energy.  In practical terms, our energy levels are really what fundamentally matter more than almost anything else.  Whatever it is that matters to us most in life – family, work, hobbies, or athletic pursuits – none of it can happen if we are exhausted.  Think back to the last time you had the flu or a similar illness and recall how difficult it probably was to do even the simplest of things when your immune system prioritized all of your energy for self-defense and healing.  The longer the illness lingers the more you begin to wonder when and if you are ever going to “get your life back.”

Getting your life back

Human energy dilemmas don’t occur only when we are sick but also when we are just plain tired.  When we take on too many responsibilities, when we are unrealistic about what commitments we can deliver on, and when we try to be too many things for too many people; all of this can contribute to an energy drain.  What seems like a normal life can too often leave us completely spent by the time the dinner dishes are done, with nothing left in the tank for things we really enjoy.  Our human energy reserves are arguably our most valuable natural resource and literally fuel all of our human endeavors. This leaves many of us asking the question: “How can I get more energy?”

How can I get more energy?

The secret to having more energy to create all of the wonderful things we want is right in front of our faces.  Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong.  What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter.”  In essence, what Einstein is saying is that everything we see (and can’t see) is energy!  

You, me, the birds, and the trees are all energy.  On a fundamental, subatomic particle level everything is a whirring blur of vibrating energy. These subatomic particles make up everything in the material world.  In this light, the question, “How can I get more energy?” actually sounds a little crazy, because energy is everywhere.  Energy isn’t something that is kept from us or only the privilege of certain people.  We all have access to all of the energy we could ever want or need.  If energy is everywhere and we all have access to it, rather than asking “How can I get more of it”, a better question would be, “How do I tap into it?”

Tapping into your energy

Einstein also said that, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes from one form to another”.  Think about how electric stoves transform electricity into heat or how solar energy (light) is converted into electricity.  Long before humans created technologies to transform energy into different forms those same processes had been occurring for millions of years in nature.  

Trees uptake sunlight via photosynthesis to build more matter and grow.  Microscopic organelles, called mitochondria, inside our own human cells convert glucose into molecular energy, which is used to power our bodies.  Round and round it goes; free energy becomes matter and matter becomes free energy.  

Acquiring and harnessing “QI”

When it comes to humans and our own energy systems, there is much for us to learn from ancient Chinese culture.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine and spiritual practices, energy is referred to as “Qi” (pronounced Chee)*; and people who dedicate their attention to cultivating more “Qi”, practice something called Qigong.  The ancient Qigong masters believed that humans were both born with a certain amount of Qi and could also acquire more Qi during their lives by creating it themselves and also absorbing it from nature.  Not surprisingly, one of the primary causes of disease, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is not having enough “Qi”. It was believed that increasing someone’s capacity to acquire and harness more “Qi” was a pathway to healing.  

*With respect for the complexities of these deep historical traditions, “Qi” in the Ancient Chinese cultural practices means far more than just energy, but also a life force that binds, connects, and influences all things.

Shifting from “getting more” to tapping into your well

Let’s recap what is known. Everything is energy and there is plenty for everyone and everything to share in that well of energy.  Energy keeps changing form and moves from matter to free energy, or from the visible to the invisible, and back again.  Humans (and other animals) ARE energy and our bodies can both create and absorb energy from the environment.  We are swimming in a huge pot of energy soup which is forever fueling us. So, the real secret to having more energy, experiencing more vitally, feeling healthier, and having plenty left over at the end of each day isn’t getting more of it, it’s addressing the real reasons why we aren’t tapping into and acquiring the energy that has always been here.  

*With respect for the complexities of these deep historical traditions, “Qi” in the Ancient Chinese cultural practices means far more than just energy, but also a life force that binds, connects, and influences all things. 

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