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We need a sense of belonging to feel better in our worlds.

This is the harsh lesson of Covid-19. When we’re apart, we hurt. Many great minds are helping us better understand this idea. Disconnection creates a cascading sense of loss and human suffering. More and more, we are beginning to understand that being healthy means being connected.  

Togetherness is the core value that drives the Huddol community – nurturing belonging to support personal growth and transformation.

In that experience of being with a community, we often also need very intentional and goal directed care. That is why we now offer online coaching and counseling in the new Huddol through our network of health and wellness Huddol Pros. Our Pros are dedicated to supporting the community, sharing freely. You can ask for help, and they are there to help, always. They are also available for one 1-to-1 video sessions and individual attention when that is needed. In the caring eco-system that is Huddol, they are the tried, tested and true guardians of the best version of you.

We believe that community and care combine the best of all healing worlds. It provides our members a space to create meaningful connections and to learn new life skills, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities for growth.

We all need life champions. Friends and allies, people we call “home”, to remind us that even when our world’s start to feel very small, there is a place we can go to create more space in our lives.  We can all use a little more space right now.


We never imagined a world turned upside down when we started building the new Huddol many months ago. We know that people are hurting now more than ever. They need access to support. Here is how we are turning the new Huddol into a helping lifeline:

  • Members can book a FREE session with any of our 40 Huddol Pros
  • To help during the pandemic, Huddol Pros are DISCOUNTING their online coaching and counseling fees, many as much as 50% OFF
  • Members can use coupon code TOGETHER25 for an additional discount of 25% OFF any Huddol Pro video session for the next 30 days
  • Members can access helpful advice from other members and Huddol Pros FREE in our social network

We are committing to being there for our community during this challenging time.

Written by
Mark Stolow