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Huddol Lifecast Ep 32 – Surviving a pandemic: Keeping your wits about you when others are losing theirs

Yasmine Defouni

The pandemic is unsettling. People are feeling like they are living in bizarro world. Seclusion, isolation, less work, more kids, more line-ups for things we previously took for granted – everything feels upside down or at last very sideways.

In this latest Huddol Lifecast we talk with Huddol Pro and Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach Yasmine Defouni. Yasmine helps us discover ways to take a deeply abnormal situation and make sense of it all. By taking back control over our lives we ground ourselves in the now, shift our attention towards the things we have power over, and cultivate resilience and emotional immunity:

“Human being are creatures of habit and if you have a routine that supports your goals, you start feeling safer and more comfortable with where you are.”

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