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Stop Waiting for Your Life to Get Better: Learn to Manifest

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I sat on the bench. It was a beautiful spring day. I had just dropped my kids off at school. I sighed…


That’s what life was… boring and monotonous. “How did I get here?” I thought to myself. 

As a kid, my life was exciting. I had always been involved in the performing arts. At the age of 10, I landed my first major role in a Broadway production. I was on TV shows and commercials, I danced with the best teachers and sang with recording artists. I had lived a dream life! And now… I sat on a bench watching my life pass me by. I waited to pick up the kids, made them food, put them to bed and then did it all over again. Day after day, month after month, year after year I did the same old thing. I was waiting for something better, but it never seemed to come. 

Sometimes it can feel like every day we are walking through molasses. Whether life actually stinks or is just plain boring, there are moments when we think to ourselves, “It’s gotta be better than this. Is this all that I’m made for? Is this as good as it gets?” And the worst fear is… maybe.. Maybe this IS as good as it gets. 

Waiting for more out of life

You read books, take classes, think about a better life and still it doesn’t get better. You try to heal, go to yoga class, learn to meditate and still… the same. Then you get energy work, get a massage and go on a retreat. That’s fun… while you are there… then you go home and it’s back to the same old same old. You know you’re waiting for something, but you don’t know what. You know you want something, but you don’t know what. You guess, but don’t seem to guess correctly. Or maybe you did? It’s confusing, tiring, pointless, hopeless. In your deepest heart you desire for more… but “maybe I’m just not grateful enough for what I have” you think to yourself… and you keep on waiting… or worse… give up.

A better life is out there, you’ve seen it

You turn on the television, read a magazine or look on social media and there you see people having fun. People enjoying their lives, smiling, laughing and feeling positive. There you see the pictures of people who are living everyday with Carpe Deim! You see them and you feel crummy. You see them and wish you were enjoying life like that. Or maybe you just plain hate their guts. 

Some people do actually have a better quality of life than others. Some people do actually have more fun, more excitement, more rest, more ambition, more… of the things you want. They know how to make it happen. They know how to manifest good things. The good news is that although at times it feels like the reality you want is very far away, everything you want for your own life, those desires that are deep in your heart, they are waiting for YOU. The ability to have them is actually right around you. You just need to know how to manifest those desires and bring them to life. 

Manifestation as a Science

Sometimes people hear the word manifestation and think it’s a magic trick. By magic trick I mean something that “poof!” wasn’t here one minute and appears the next. It’s not true. The ability to manifest good things in life begins by understanding principles. Just like following a recipe, there are things you need to know. If you appreciate structure, you’ll love manifesting. Without understanding the principles of manifestation, you can do nothing. By understanding them you can do anything you want. 

Manifestation as Magic

Yes, I know I just said above that manifestation wasn’t magical. I was talking to the sciencey people. Now let me talk to you… you want to be magician! Manifestation is pure magic! But here’s the deal that you need to understand. Magic isn’t about sitting around and waiting. Magic is quite a bit about preparation. If you want to cast a spell, you still need to collect the ingredients and set it all up for that spell to work. Manifestation principles are the ingredients for your spell. No ingredients, no magic. No manifestation principles, no manifestation. 

Manifestation as a Practical Art

I love science and I love magic too… but at the end of the day I’m a very practical person. I have a family who does “normal things” like go to basketball practices and science fairs. That’s one of the reasons I chose to leave NYC and my performing life years ago. It was great… but I actually wanted normal. I wanted to live where there were trees and go to a job that finished before 10pm at night. I wanted to be home on weekends. I wanted all of that stuff AND I also discovered that too much of that was boring. Just because I’m not a performing artist for a living doesn’t mean that my life can’t be a work of art! Manifestation allows me to take my hopes, dreams and yearnings and turn them into the reality of my life. So that I’m not sitting on a bench waiting for something exciting to happen to me, but rather I am consciously choosing the experience I want to have in my life from day to day, month to month and year to year. I am creating my life, one manifestation at a time. 

Stop waiting for life… it’s waiting for YOU!

Last year I was sitting by the beach in Florida with my sunglasses on. I looked across the table at my husband and laughed as we looked at the rather giant menu full of 101 kinds of margaritas. 

“What a life.” I thought to myself.

Yes… What a life. I’m forever grateful for knowing the manifestation principles. Without them, I might still be sitting on one of those park benches, waiting for life to begin. Now, life is waiting for ME to tell it what amazing thing we are going to manifest next. 

You have a choice whether or not you are going to stand up and get off of your own “bench.” If you’ve been waiting for a sign… this is it. Come along with me and learn to manifest. 

Where are we going? We’re going straight ahead. The destination is manifestation… and the way to get there is understanding the manifestation principles. I’d love to have you along on this Journey with me. What are you waiting for?

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Written by
Ani Anderson