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A Whole New Generation of Caregivers: Parenting in an age of Covid-19

Parenting Challenges

Welcome to the world of caregiving.

Your kids are home all the time. You are home all the time. That is one tough emotional cocktail to swallow; a recipe for stress, anxiety and parental strain.

One of the effects of Covid-19 is that we are going to have a pandemic of parents who are burned out, living with kids 24 hours a day who are experiencing heightened feelings of worry, sadness and confusion. A regular cornucopia of mental health challenges on all sides.

The usual “I get to go to work” or “My kids get to go to school” breaks simply do not exist in a Coronavirus reality. Added to this is the concern and worry parents have about finances and the future economy.

Many parents needed help at home before Covid-19. Most are really feeling the burn right now. Parents need safe places to share, to vent, to strategize and to adjust to this new normal.

We created the Caregiver Community Fund in partnership with Teva Canada to ensure that parents got free access to coaching and counseling as they adjust to the world of being at home, with their kids, some with their partners, with a pandemic going on outside.

The world may be a scary place, but our homes don’t have to be.

Through the Caregiver Community Fund, all caregiving Canadian parents get:

-Access to 4 free, 1-hour online coaching or counseling sessions – more than 40 Huddol Pros to choose from with expertise in parenting, mental health, stress management, nutrition, physical wellness, and more


-Access to a free and supportive community of parents who know what it’s like.

To benefit from the Caregiver Community Fund, sign up FREE to become a member at

Once in the social feed, you can explore the many supportive Pros available on Huddol by selecting Talk to Pro in the header.

When booking time with a Pro, use Promo Code TevaCares to get 100% off the cost of the video session.

Special thanks to Teva Canada for making the Caregiver Community Fund possible.

Written by
Mark Stolow