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Helping Caregivers Tap Into Their Own Resilience

Robert Pardi cared for his wife for 11 years as she battled with breast cancer. Eleven years of hospital visits, treatments, and in-home care. Eleven years of emotional highs and lows, hopes and dreams awakened and many more dashed. What Robert was called on to do, he did, like millions of other caregivers who are unexpectedly asked to care for loved ones with a life-altering diagnosis.  

Surviving that experience with your body, mind and spirit intact is a lot to ask of anyone. Despite the intensity of that caregiving experience, Robert did just that and found an inner strength that is accessible to anyone who knows where to look.

“Resilience is a skill that lies dormant in many of us, yet it is one that we all have,” Robert says. “Beneath it is the ability to confront change and adapt to it in a positive way.  This is especially important for caregivers to be able to broaden their perspective about their situation and see the opportunity in caregiving and not necessarily the loss or changes in their loved one or circumstances.”

After her passing from breast cancer, the 55-year-old former investment banker, transformed his life path to become a Life Coach to caregivers.  Today Pardi shares his powerful story and philosophy on leveraging resilience and how to confront life challenges to use life instead of being used by life to empower other caregivers.

“I believe that we are all possibility in action”, he adds. “Desiree’s life and death both taught me about the power of embracing change and how we can live life forward despite its many transitions.”

Awakening Resilience with Journeys | Try it free for 30-Days

COVID-19 has underscored the need for creating more points of care for caregivers, particularly around their mental and emotional well-being. In addition to the responsibilities of everyday care, the pandemic has compounded challenges for caregivers in regard to access to care, availability of support, and even estrangement from loved ones in hospital or long-term care.

Starting in the month of April, Teva Canada is offering thirty days of unlimited access to Huddol’s new Journeys App featuring Pardi’s guided 7-day Journey, Moving Positively Through Change: Resilience Awakens.

The Huddol Journeys App provides personal guidance from the world’s best wellness experts.  Users experience powerful reflections and life-changing practices that are easy to do on their journey of personal growth and transformation.  Each 7-day Journey includes daily half hour sessions to help participants navigate the feelings and internal conflicts of being a caregiver and provides the tools and information to help them better relate to their new realities and find greater meaning and purpose in their life.

“The pandemic has reminded us that life is fragile, particularly when we are holding a life in our hands and caring for a family member or friend who is vulnerable. What we are creating through Huddol Journeys is a digital space that empowers caregivers to thrive in adversity – a prescription for human transformation,” said Huddol CEO Mark Stolow.


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