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Overcoming Barriers to Getting Help From a Counselor or Therapist


Change is scary. Big change like pandemics are very scary. But even making small changes in our lives can be intimidating.

Let’s talk about some of the common barriers to working with a counselor or therapist and how can we flip the script on some of the beliefs that may be preventing you from seeking help.

“It’s too expensive.”

Online therapy can be very affordable, especially when a lot of mental health services are being offered at reduced rates during the pandemic. For Huddol’s part, we have introduced a lot of special offers to make accessing our counselors extremely affordable. More info at the end of this article about how to get started with counseling free on Huddol. In the world of financial returns, the best investment you make is in yourself; it keeps on bearing personal growth interest.

“I am not comfortable sharing my feelings.”

Perfectly understandable. A lot of people have never been given the opportunity to share how they feel. Maybe they grew up without a lot of affection or maybe someone told them they were silly or, worse, stupid for how they felt. Counseling does not have to be a flood of emotional sharing. Working with a Pro is a process. Their goal is meet you where you are, taking the experience low and slow if necessary.

“I am too set in my ways.”

You may be. But if there is a part of you that believes that something in your life is out of alignment and it is causing you to suffer, then you may find your way leading you to unhelpful places. Our lives and our ideas about our selves have a natural change process built into them. The “I” in that sentence is in a state of constant readjustment. It’s good to have an ally on that journey.

Happiness can exist only in acceptance.

George Orwell

“It means accepting that something is wrong.”

A mental health professional’s job is to help you see that a problem or issue doesn’t make you wrong or broken, it makes you human and open to exploration. In the words of George Orwell: “Happiness can exist only in acceptance”. A therapist is there to give you permission to be okay with not being okay all the time.

 “Only medication can solve my issues.”

If medication is working for you that’s amazing. Most of the research on treatment impacts for depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges show that medication combined with therapy provides the most benefit – helping people feel as much as 40% better. Every percent counts when we want to be at our best.

“People will know I am not feeling good.”

Either in person or online therapy is always a safe place to be supported. Therapists and counselors are mandated to respect the privacy of their clients. This is true on Huddol through our online video counseling, and it is also true for all mental health practices. Your privacy is guaranteed.

At Huddol, we want to make it easy to explore and try the counseling experience. Here are some ways we are making that happen:

  1. Book a free consult with any of our 40 health and wellness Pros on Huddol. There is no commitment beyond that first meeting with your counselor or coach.
  2. If you decide to move forward, use the Promo Code TOGETHER25 to get 25% off your already discounted session with a Pro. You can talk to a licensed therapist in a private, 1-to-1 video session for as low as $23/hour on Huddol. That is a big difference from the $75, $100 or even $150 per hour that it would typically cost.

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