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Everything we do on Huddol is about supporting our members in living their best life. For some that means a deep re-experiencing of who they are, for others it means moving their life in a new direction, and for others still it’s about a process of healing. We want to help activate this change process through free counseling.

The world has changed a lot in the last several months. Many people feel like they are on shaky ground. We get that. In fact, we welcome it on Huddol. Baked into our purpose is the realization that change is a fundamental part of life; we are all called upon to grow and expand as our inner and outer worlds go through big or small changes.

We also honor the truth that activating change in our lives is a process. Our role at Huddol is to accompany you, our members, in a way that serves your life goals and aspirations. We are always exploring new ways to improve that journey through your experience on Huddol.

Introducing the mental health fund: get up to 6 hours (6, 1-hour sessions) of free counseling or coaching on Huddol

Working with a network of caring corporate partners, we have created a mental health fund that will allow our members to access free, online short-term counseling with any of our qualified Huddol Pros; counselors, therapists and guides that support the well-being of our members.

You can now benefit from 6 hours (6, 1-hour sessions) of free counseling or coaching on Huddol using the promo code FREEMEUP. You simply apply the promo code every time you book a Pro session on Huddol and the session is FREE (details on how it works below).

Short-term counselling can be a very effective way to activate a change process in your own life. It allows you to nurture insight and empowers you with the tools to create the life you want.

As always, you can book a free initial 15-minute consult with any of our Pros to explore the right fit for you or join one of their free Group Sessions on the topics of mental health and personal development and growth.

We want to thank all of our partners who are supporting the mental health fund – Bristol Myers Squibb, Boehringer Ingelheim, Glaxo Smith Kline, Innovative Medicines Canada, Teva Canada, Red Cross, Government of Canada and the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association.


How to access free counseling through the mental health fund

  1. Sign up and become a member:
  2. Select the Huddol Pro you want to work with:
  3. When booking your session enter promo code FREEMEUP on the booking screen. When applying the code, it will indicate the session is free (see screenshot example below).
  4. We will request your credit card during the booking process but you will not be charged for your free sessions.
  5. Every time you re-book, remember to apply the promo code FREEMEUP. You can use the promo code up to 6 times for 6 hours of free counseling or coaching.

Please note: We encourage members to book their private counseling or coaching sessions early. When the mental health fund is fully spent, the promo code will be deactivated. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all Huddol members will receive 6 hours of free counseling due to fund limits. We will communicate developments associated with the fund on an ongoing basis.

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