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Energy Work and Healing: Should you try it?

Energy work and healing

Increasingly people are exploring how energy can be worked with to support human healing. Energy work is being used to help balance the systems of energy throughout the body to alleviate stress, ailments, and disease.  

If someone 30 years ago would have told you that a table is not really solid, that it is made up energy particles that vibrate at a frequency that makes it solid, you would laugh and think it absurd. Quantum physics asserts that very fact – all matter is energy and all energy creates matter.  Specifically, this stream of science is dedicated to the study of understanding how atoms and quarks and other essential building blocks of life create our physical existence and how they interact to create everything in our universe. 

If all matter is based on energy, then we are also energy. Just like the table in the above example, our bodies, thoughts, and emotions are vibrating at a frequency that makes us appear solid and have real experiences. We can also look at other theories of energy for insights into our state of being.  For example, Newtons law of energy states that “energy can not be created or destroyed. It shifts from one form to another”.  Metabolising food, building muscle in our body, or even a new thought in our minds are all examples of a manifestation of energy.  If we translate and apply this theory, we can shift a bad mood, or feelings or thoughts into some new state by working with the energy that is the creative force shaping our reality.

This sounds like alchemy or magic, but observationally we in society acceptably talk about energy all the time like “I did exercise and it helped to shift my mood”, or “being around that person makes me feel calm”, or “that music or art makes me feel happy”.  You may have experienced this for yourself. Similarly, you’ve likely discovered not all exercise, friends, or music make you feel good. There are people and experiences that can contribute to negative feelings. 

Science has observed similar positive shifts in energy through activities related to sound, meditation, acupuncture and hands on healing.[i] All have demonstrated benefits in shifting our energy orientation.  While the mechanisms are not fully understood in all cases, some people argue the placebo effect or observation bias influence the outcome. Researchers have been able to create robust studies in which these factors have been eliminated and are still able to produce statistically significant results.[ii]

If you are wondering why people aren’t shouting the praises of energy techniques from the roof tops, the answer is conflicting beliefs. Many studies have been redacted by scientific journals because the editors and curators simply could not believe it to be true; it defies how conventional science works.

You can start on the path of learning how to work with your energy by working with a professional that specializes in energy-based mindfulness and hands on healing like reiki.  Learning about the energy in your body or your life force is just another way of understanding how we function and adds a dimension of reflection that provides us the opportunity for change.

Further some professional associations recognize mindfulness and reiki energy work for its relaxation benefit, and it is even eligible for insurance in some cases. This is because when people are relaxed it allows the body to repair itself.  So, when mindfulness and reiki are introduced as a complementary practice, they can aid in a client’s healing journey. When we take the time to truly relax using energy, we create space. Space translates into the opportunity to grow across new pathways and become unstuck from old patterns. 

You may have explored a lot of ways to problem solve things that are holding you back in your life. Maybe it’s time to try something new, exploring how energy is vibrating through your life and exploring how you can work with it to optimize your well-being.

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Written by
Nicole Fortunaso