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Caregiving in a Time of Covid – FREE Counseling and Coaching

Caregiver Community Fund

These are strange times. Scary for many. Isolating for most.

In particular, families who are caring for loved ones with a health problem are feeling the impact.

There are contrasting, but similarly difficult, realities facing caregivers right now.

Caregivers restricted from moving out into the world are feeling the tension of being more “on call” at home, some 24 hours a day. They also may have limited access to professional help at home with fears of virus transmission growing, and a strain on the healthcare system like we’ve never seen before. There is just less help to go around and more people asking for it.

Caregivers who have loved ones in institutional settings, like long term care or hospitals, are feeling the pain of the distance. So are their loved ones. The lack of contact comes with a lot of unknows, uneasiness, and missed opportunities for sharing and closeness.

With the rise in Covid-19 cases, we are also asking people to step in and be short term caregivers. Many of these family members put themselves at risk providing help to their loved ones who are Covid-19 positive.

All these scenarios add up to isolation mixed with more care commitments – a recipe for stress, anxiety, and burnout for many.

How can we help families now?

Huddol has a long history of supporting caregivers dating back to 2004. We’ve partnered with Teva Canada and our network of Huddol Pros to provide FREE ACCESS to professional support services and community during this difficult period.

1 to 1 video support’ve recently launched 1 to 1 video support sessions for Huddol members. That means virtual help from our network of mental health, relationship, caregiving and in-home care professionals, to name just some. There are 40 Pros on Huddol ready to help. With financial support from Teva Canada we have created a Caregiver Community Fund. That means caregivers will have access to FREE 1 to 1 video support for 30 days. Following the initial free period, video support services will continue to be offered at discounted rates. Caregivers can use the promo code “TevaCares” during the booking process to receive the full discount.

Community support and social interaction

Caregivers can also join our community on and exchange with peers and professionals anytime of the day. This social exchange can be a great way to meet new friends, feel supported, and receive helpful advice.

Other Online Resources

At, caregivers can find a range of helpful resources to support greater self care, including a caregiver handbook and self-assessment which helps flag any potential signs of burnout. There are also instructive guides for caring for people with specific conditions like cancer, dementia and multiple sclerosis, and a ten-episode podcast series on Care During Cancer that explores the most common issues that people may experience while living with cancer.

Some helpful in-home tips for caregivers

Get enough “ME” time. We get that it’s easier said than done, especially being more home-bound. Taking a break can be as simple as going into another room, closing the door and reading a good book. Most important, it’s time just for you.

Stay connected. Physical distance doesn’t have to mean social distance. Schedule time to meet with friends and family online – join a class, attend a virtual workshop – there are increasing number of online resources springing up.

Get back to the small stuff. Under normal circumstances, caregiving and balancing our everyday lives can mean that little things slip through the cracks. Getting back to those small tasks can help create a positive routine and keep your mind engaged and active.