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Scott Swanson

Scott Swanson

Scott has walked through the Valley of Burnout and come out the other side. For several years he faced multiple external and internal stresses: overwork – and feeling out of alignment with that work; juggling the responsibilities of the sandwich generation; home renovations; loss and death.
As a spiritual leader and teacher for more than 20 years, Scott brings together story, teaching from wisdom traditions, theory and educational practice to create transformational learning and spiritual growth.

Scott is also a personal growth mentor on Huddol Journeys, a daily companion for personal transformation. Scott creates 7-day life-changing Journeys that help create an ecosystem in which burnout cannot take hold.

Downside of self improvement : A Life Coach perspective

The Downside of Self-improvement

There is an almost-unquestionable assumption baked into modern western culture and stretching back at least as far as the 18th century’s “Age of Enlightenment” that things can, and should, get better.  Obviously. But is it? Just because it’s a...