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Nicole Fortunaso

Nicole Fortunaso

Nicole has been learning to embrace resistance for decades. Whether that was moving countries, starting businesses, or constantly challenging limiting beliefs, she has learned to embrace the unknown.

Curious about the spiritual aspects behind the psychology and science of things, she has been studying and practicing esoteric practices for over 10 years - connecting the dots between the material and spiritual. This has led her to create practical and insightful naturotherapy services and workshops that allow others to embrace their challenges with calm and tranquility.

Nicole is also a personal growth mentor on Huddol Journeys, a daily companion for personal transformation. She creates 7-day life-changing Journeys that help embrace resistance.


The Art of Moving Through Resistance

Resistance is generally not a comfortable feeling. It comes in many forms; from a slight annoyance all the way to a massive pain in the arse. Resistance can throw us off our life course and can even challenge what we truly believe. Let’s...

Energy work and healing

Energy Work and Healing: Should you try it?

Increasingly people are exploring how energy can be worked with to support human healing. Energy work is being used to help balance the systems of energy throughout the body to alleviate stress, ailments, and disease. Should you try it?

Feeling Stuck

Help Me, I Am Stuck!

We all get stuck in our life. I have been stuck on a number of occasions. Here are some of the common reasons we get stuck and how we can set ourselves free.