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Jenn Swanson

Jenn Swanson

As a parent, a partner, a spiritual leader and an entrepreneur, Jenn gets overwhelmed! Known for her positivity and enthusiasm, she has spent more than 25 years educating, encouraging and empowering others to step out of being stuck and step in to success.

With a background in healthcare, education, coaching and ministry, Jenn has a passion for wellness in all aspects of life and work.

Using a holistic approach, Jenn guides, inspires, and journeys with individuals who want to move from where they are now to where they dream of being. She does this with gentleness, humour (and good coffee!).

Jenn is also a personal growth mentor on Huddol Journeys, a daily companion for personal transformation. She creates 7-day life-changing Journeys that help move past the feeling of overwhelm and thrive.