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Bhaskar Goswami

Bhaskar Goswami

From Assam, India, Bhaskar was born into the yogic tradition. He comes from the lineage of Vasishtha, who is considered to be one of the founding fathers of this ancient practice. He received his training at the Transcendental Meditation School in India, by Yogacharya (Master of Yoga) Nandakumar in Kuwait, and by Yogacharya Sriram, the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta and Vipassana Meditation Center in Canada.

Bhaskar is the founder of two multiple-award winning organizations dedicated to making wellness practices accessible to all.

An impactful speaker and a specialist in corporate wellness, Bhaskar has published two international albums, Open Yoga and Wisdom Stories, authored Wisdom Stories – Book 1.

Bhaskar is also a personal growth mentor on Huddol Journeys, a daily companion for personal transformation. He creates 7-day life-changing Journeys that help deepen our understanding of what is this mind/body system called ‘I’.

The Inner Game of Thriving | Bhaskar Goswami | Huddol

The Inner Game of Thriving

One of my earliest childhood recollections is the persistent thought, “This can’t be it. There must be more to life than this”. I was born into a middle-class Indian family, with an older sister, engineer father and schoolteacher mother. As a young...